Complimentary Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Appraisal Certificate with every purchase.

Each piece of freshwater pearl jewelry purchased from Pearls In Time comes with a Certified Appraisal Certificate verifying the authenticity and quality of the pearls and jewelry selection that you have made.

Our pearls are appraised by a certified Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate that has specialized in pearls.

The appraisal is very important documentation for insurance purposes and or your own personal records.

The appraisal document states the retail price at which you could replace the pearls at a retail jewelry establishment.

In the event of loss, damage, or theft, the appraisal is valid and required documentation to replace the pearls with pearls of comparable quality by your insurer.

In general your appraisal value will be from 250% to 500% higher than you actual pay for your pearls at

The dramatic difference between what you pay us for your pearls and the appraisal value clearly displays the benefits and savings you are afforded when purchasing your pearls direct from Pearls In Time.

We offer you high quality freshwater pearl jewelry well below wholesale cost and far below what you would pay at an established and reputable fine jeweler anywhere in the world.

Each appraisal is dated and signed written documentation specifying the quality of the pearls including pearl type, setting, type of clasp, gold content, pearl color, intensity of luster, degree of roundness, and size of pearls.

For pearl necklaces and bracelets, the appraisal also describes the length of the strand, number of pearls on the necklace or bracelet.

For your convenience we also keep a record of every appraisal we prepare so that if an insurer is required to authenticate the validity of an appraisal for approving your claim they can contact us directly and have physical proof the same business day, dramatically speeding up the process for you and your claim process. guarantees the quality of its fine pearl jewelry with a no-risk 90 day refund policy.

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