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A little about us, our philosophy and how it effects you... Our goal is to make you beautiful one pearl at a time...

For decades quality pearl jewelry has been out of reach for nearly everyone, the cost factor was far more than most could ever hope to afford.

When PearlsInTime.com was still in the planning stage many years ago we had one requirement that had to be met. We would never work with middle-men or trading agents that would simply mark-up the cost while adding absolutely no value to the product.

Our business operations started back in mid 2003, the plan was to enter mainland china and develop the relationships that would be required to propel our business to a multi-million dollar international enterprise while never having to lower our expectations of quality based on a cost based relationship model that has been the classic downfall of so many businesses both on and offline.

The trip was planned to take two weeks and would take the founders of this firm to the direct production hub of the main pearl farms that currently supply the world wide demand.

While we fully intended to stay for only two weeks it was soon obvious that the research and relationships that would be required to succeed and afford us the ability to provide our customers with the worlds finest quality pearls at prices that would literally send a shockwave through the industry would require an even more focused and patient approach.

During that first trip to China we spent nearly 4 months in the country living, breathing and learning absolutely everything that could be learned about the pearl business from the inside out. We sacrificed everything we had left back at home in Vancouver, Canada and to say it put tremendous strain on our personal lives would be quite an understatement.

Today our uncompromising commitment to quality and value that were the core values of our company when it first started are in fact the bedrock foundation of our business today.

We still take very regular trips to Asia and hand select every single strand of pearls we manufacture into the beautiful finished pieces of jewelry that we offer to you, and we are proud to declare all of our jewelry is certified "Made In Canada" and "Made In The USA" PearlsInTime.com truly is a vertically integrated operation, we complete every task in house and do not outsource any part of our business.

Every piece of pearl jewelry we create has been hand crafted from individually hand selected pearls, strung and knotted with the finest Japanese silk thread by our most experienced GIA certified jeweler.

We stand behind every single piece of jewelry we create and to prove it we are proud to say that PearlsInTime.com is one of the few pearl dealers in the world that offers it customers a no-hassle 90 day return policy...

At Pearls In Time your image is our business...


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