Pearl Necklace Lengths Guide :

Our pearl strands at Pearls In Time come in a various lengths ranging from 12 inches up to 160 inches in length.

When it comes to choosing a necklace, it is a matter of personal preference, there is no right or wrong choice but there is a length suitable for every occasion...

Pearl Collar Necklace 12-13 Inches In Length

The pearl collar fit's snugly around the neck, and is usually multiple strands of pearl, most often 2 or 3 strands.  This style is very flattering and appropriate for a wide age group.

Pearl Choker 14- 16 Inches In Length

The pearl choker most compliments a strapless dress or a plunging neckline, as it falls perfectly at the base of the neck.  A classic piece that is great to give for a high school or college graduation gift.  In addition this necklace length works well with off the shoulder tops or dresses, boat necks and v-necks.

Princess Pearl Necklace 17-19 Inches In Length

The princess necklace is one of our most popular and common lengths of pearl necklace with 18" being most desired. This is a very versatile necklace that can be worn with just about anything from casual wear to formal wear. This necklace is also another very versatile necklace, as it can work well with many different necklines and items in your wardrobe.

This necklace is also very chic when paired with a beautiful suit for the office or meeting, as it is a classic and truly the staple of any pearl jewelry collection.

Matinee Pearl Necklace 20-24 Inches In Length

Elegant in length, the matinee is a beautiful piece.  Many women prefer to wear this length with either casual or business attire.  This necklace falls at the top of your bust, so when wearing the matinee necklace it is best not to wear it with plunging necklines.

Opera Pearl Necklace 30-36 Inches In Length

This wonderful necklace is a really fun piece.  The opera necklace is elegant on its own as a single strand or great to be worn as a multi-strand necklace.  This necklace is stunning when worn with really high necklines, as the necklace really does stand out.

Rope Pearl Necklace 37 Inches In Length or Longer

The rope has a lot of versatility, and many different ways in how this necklace can be worn.  There is no way to not stand out when wearing this luxurious necklace.  This spectacular necklace is a great look that can easily be worn from day into evening in countless settings you may find yourself in.

If you are still not sure what length or color is right for you we would be more than pleased to help you better understand your options. Simply fill out the box below with a brief description of what you are looking or hoping for and we will respond promptly.

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