Pearl Care, The Secrets To Caring For Your Pearl Jewelry:

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To care for your pearls, we recommend that your pearls are the last item to be put on when dressing, and the first to come off when undressing.

The reason that we recommend that you put your pearls on last is that chemicals are the hardest on your pearls, and will be the first thing to cause them to break down over time and lose their luster.

Apply any cosmetics, cream, hairspray or perfume first prior to putting on your pearls.  When you remove your pearls gently wipe them down with a soft cloth before putting them away this will also help to keep the luster beautiful.

The best thing that you can probably do for your pearls is to wear them often.  It is said that the skins natural oils are great for keeping the luster of your pearls.  In some cases, people do have naturally acidic skin or acidic perspiration, in which case can be hard on your pearls.

To clean your pearls you can simply use an unused soft make up brush and warm soapy water, if you don't have a new make up brush a soft cloth will do just as well.  Simply dampen the cloth and clean your pearls that way rather then submersing them in the water as this could damage them.

Once you are done cleaning your pearls, gently run a soft cloth over your pearls to remove most of the moisture and then lay flat to dry on a towel.  As wet silk thread can stretch, and attract dirt it is best to not touch your pearls until they are completely dry.

To store your pearls, store them in a soft pouch or cloth lined jewelry box away from other gemstones and hard surfaces as pearls being a softer gem can scratch. It is best to store your pearls somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. 

It is not recommended to store your pearls in a safe or safety deposit box, as pearls require moisture in the air to keep them from drying out and cracking. 

Although many people often think that this is the best place to store their pearls, this can often do more harm than good. (as pearls draw their moisture from the air)  If you do plan to store your pearls in a safe, place a small glass of water in the safe to provide some moisture in the air for your pearls.

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