What is Pearl Luster ?

A Pearls luster is the measurement of both the quantity and quality of visible light that is able to reflect from the surface of a pearl through the multiple layers of deposited nacre that have formed during the creation of the gem.

The most basic explanation is that a pearls luster describes its brilliance of reflected light, the higher the quality of luster the more brilliant the level of shine and reflection. Often pearls with extremely high levels and quality of luster are regarded as having a mirror like shine.

Pearls with a higher level of luster are regarded as more valuable than those with a low or poor level of luster.

A Pearls luster can in many ways explain the quality of life it has had up until the time of harvest, A quality luster takes significantly more time to develop than a pearl of poor luster.

A pearl that displays remarkably high luster typically indicates a much higher level of water quality and environmental conditions.

At Pearls In Time we have four categories of grading luster quality for our jewelry, you will find the degree of luster intensity described in the specifications section for each individual piece of jewelry we offer for sale.

Weak: Reflections tend to be dim and extremely diffused.

Medium: Reflections tend to be mild in intensity and occasionally slightly blurred.

Medium to Strong: Reflections are bright, yet not too sharp.

Very High: Reflections tend to be sharp, bright and distinct, it is very rare to find a pearl luster of this quality in your local jewelry stores, as these highly sought out pearls are always purchased directly at the source within source countries by direct importers like ourselves.

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