What is Pearl Nacre ?

A pearls nacre is the very essence of a pearl itself. A pearls nacre is also known as mother-of-pearl. Nacre is a crystalline organic substance that creates the iridescent visual effect attributed to pearls.

Nacre is secreted by mollusks over an intruding irritant or implanted nucleus. It is a strong and resilient material that is lightweight and transparent, allowing light to pass through its surface, creating a subtle glow on the pearl's surface. The angle and depth of reflection is what produces a pearls luster and orient.

What does the thickness of a pearls nacre have to do with the quality of the pearl ?

Pearl nacre is typically a very critical valuation component to the determination of a pearls monetary value. Thicker pearl nacre is a value factor that produces a more valuable pearl, as a thicker nacre allows for a much deeper and intense luster and quite often a more refined and uniform surface texture.

Thin pearl nacre has a negative effect on a pearl's appearance and value. Pearls with thin nacre are clearly of lower quality and often will display a chalky or dull luster, have visible cracks and if made into finished jewelry will last no longer that a few years of very light use at best.

Pearl nacre is also directly dependent on the length of time each pearl has been allowed to mature, A thicker nacre can take substantially more time to develop and commonly is measured in years of maturity.

At Pearls in time we do not use pearls with thin nacre for any type of jewelry, as we hand select every pearl we purchase you can be ensured that no sub standard quality pearl makes it way to our production area.

The added rarity and care that goes into nurturing pearls of this quality are sought out by pearl lovers world wide and quite often pearls of this caliber are all purchased at source production points in source countries by direct importers and manufacturers like ourselves. Therefore it can and has become increasingly unlikely that pearls of such high quality will be found outside of very high end boutiques in cities such as New York, Paris, Dubai and the likes.

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