How to choose the right size of pearl:

6.5 - 7.0 millimeters:

This size was once recommended for someone who was a bit younger in age, but there has been quite a shift in consumer demand and fashion trends as many women of nearly every age group have been wearing this size of pearl with stunning results.

The main reason this size of pearl was once primarily targeted to a younger age group was if you were to put a larger size strand on someone who is younger, it would look as if they were wearing their mother's pearls or perhaps even costume jewelry, and were simply percievced to be out of place.

7.0 – 7.5 millimeters:

Beautiful and classic, this size is great for someone looking for something not too big, yet not too small. This size is perfect for a first time buyer, as it is still elegant, yet not too expensive.  These timeless pearls are a perfect gift for that certain special occasion or a college graduation gift.

8.0 – 8.5 millimeters:

The larger the pearls, the more value they have.  If you aren't quite sure if you want a large necklace, yet you still want something that has enough wow, we are sure you would be more than happy in this size range.

These pearls still have a timeless beauty, yet make a statement at the same time.  At this size these pearls would definitely catch an eye or two - Elegant yet subtle at the same time.  Great for a birthday gift or any other special occasion!

9.0 – 9.5 millimeters:

People will feel drawn to you when you wear a necklace like this.  At this size it is still quite large in size, and very complimentary for all figures.  This size is a great gift for an anniversary, mothers day, or simply just to show how much you love her.

10 millimeters and above:

You are sure to make a statement with pearls in this size.  If you would like a necklace that is pure luxury and makes a statement, anything in this size range is perfect for you.  A larger size pearl necklace says refined elegance, and a woman who can take care of herself.  Any room you walk in with this necklace on is sure to captivate everyone.

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