Pearl stringing and re-stringing service :

Every now and then your pearls are going to need to be re strung.  If you wear your pearls quite often, then you will probably need to have your pearls re strung once a year.

If you do not wear your pearls that often, then re stringing your pearls every 2-3 years is acceptable.

Another way to tell it is time to restring your pearls is when there is space between your knots and your pearls and your pearls can move around freely.

If you find that your knots are looking soiled then it may also be time to consider getting your pearl necklace or bracelet re strung.

Trying to find somewhere to get your jewelry re-strung can be a bit nerving, especially when everyone's quality standards and skill levels are different.

We are happy to restring your jewelry here for you at Pearls In Time, this way you can expect that your pearls will look just as beautiful as when they left your house, and are in good hands.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our re stringing service or suggestions simply fill out the information form below.

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